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Sep. 13th, 2011 08:17 pm
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Bill Nye came to my university and made a Doctor Who reference.

A girl got up for the Q&A and told him he had a great sense of style--he was wearing a tan suit and red bow tie--and he said, "Thanks. Bow ties are cool!"

Then he went on, a few questions later, to compare the founder of Space X to Tony Stark. He also made a reference to the Prime Directive (wrt us and Mars). Given the muted reaction to those jokes, my thought was that there was just nobody else in the audience geeky enough to appreciate all this. <3

Geekiness aside, he also made me happy by essentially talking about everything that gets me excited nowadays: space exploration, the next generation of invention and the promise thereof, etc. The main point of the talk was that we of the audience had the power to... dare I say it?


Through science, of course. ;) And yes, he managed to convey the flames vocally. In short it was awesome and the only thing that would've made it better is if we could've gotten to say hi and take a picture with him, but the line was ~THIS LONG~ and my sister had to get back to class. Ah, well.

BTW: He plugged The Planetary Society--which sounds pretty cool, and of which he is executive director--quite a few times, so I'm gonna plug it here for you: PLANETARY.ORG


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