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I've grabbed my copy of the new Humble Bundle, and I think I'm gonna continue to do so as they come out. I pay about $5 average for them, so it's a lot cheaper than many other impulse buys that I make, and the payoff lasts a lot longer. Plus, I can use it to donate money to the Electronic Frontier Foundation, which I like. (I'm donating a lot lately. A few days ago I donated to UNICEF to get a short story by Diane Duane, a favorite author of mine. I like it when giving money for things I like does more than just getting me something I like!)

The current bundle has Voxatron as the lead game, plus Blocks That Matter and The Binding of Isaac if you exceed the average bid ($3.95 last I checked, and likely to go up dramatically as time runs out). As usual, I'm not quite sure what to expect, but they look interesting. (The Binding of Isaac probably needs a trigger warning tho. It appears to be something like a very cartoony Silent-Hill-meets-Jhonen-Vasquez, with heavy overtones of religious child abuse. Kind of funny, very surreal, been getting very good reviews.)

I still need to learn to play Frozen Synapse from the last bundle, and to pick up SpaceChem again (I hit a triple-bonding puzzle and bounced). I reeeeeeeeeeeally wish that my computer was beefy enough to be able to deal with playing these games and recording myself playing them at the same time, because I adore LPs and would love to do some. It does really well considering it's just your average midline laptop, but still not quite good enough.

On that note, it would be really fun to do some Minecraft multiplayer stuff, but how exactly does one go about finding a server to play on and people to play with? A difficult question...


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