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From the USA Today front page article on the Penn State-Jerry Sandusky child sex abuse case, a quote on "Victim 1":

'...Victim 1 was not actually Sandusky's first alleged victim. In the report, the boy is Victim 1 for a different reason: He spoke up, went to the police, and triggered the sex abuse investigation of Sandusky that has resulted in the removal of top Penn State officials and legendary football coach Joe Paterno. [...] "Had this individual not come forward, this investigation may not have happened. Who knows how many people he saved from abuse.

'"He's a hero. That is the truth."'


In other news (mood whiplash!), here's the final word from Diane Duane on how to cure hiccups: a spoonful of sugar, then a spoonful of salt, then a lemon slice. Try one, wait a bit, if the hiccups don't go away try the next one. I get hiccups a lot when I eat, so I'll be trying this one out.

I'm still in love with the Google "Search On" commercials. Here's one.

Funniest currently trending topic: #idonotthinkiwillbeplayingskyrimbecause
Thing I can't figure out why people talk about so much: Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3
Thing I really really want: "hard drive toaster"
Today's cool dude dancing video: Stretch Armstrong
Hoax that I really wish was true: Rossi's E-Cat cold fusion.
Most awesome tweet I found recently linked: Libyan opposition leaders sent coded messages through dating site
Movie that might be really cool and might be awful: Snow White & The Huntsman
List that is too long: This one. :D

ETA: Lawsuit that made me roll my eyes today: here.
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